Good morning! **Daily quote**

Today's quote; 

"Go the extra mile, it's never crowded" 

This quote is great because it not only tells us to go the extra mile but it also reminds us that if we go the extra mile it's never crowded! Why you might ask? Let's think about it. Going the extra mile is something most people don't do. How many times have we just let things go half way? How many times do we just make things happen but we don't make that extra effort to really make it happen and then some?! Going the extra mile means to really give your 110% in everything we do. Weather it's our jobs, our families or anything that we do on a daily basis. So go that extra mile! It's never crowded because not many are willing to make that EXTRA effort and give that extra 10, 20, or 50 PERCENT! Get out there and give it all you got! Blessings!